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San Fran­cisco Visual Creative Community from 1945 to 1970

This era of San Fran­cisco was a golden age, a camelot and a turning point in its history. It ushered in an incredibly productive group of creative people just back from the war and looking for fresh air and sunshine. North Beach, once a quiet Italian neigh­borhood became the hub of the Beat gener­ation and paved the way for the hippies of Haight Ashbury. The exuberance of life around the bay was felt every­where from Juanita’s ferry boat in Sausalito to Enrico’s Coffee House on Broadway. The infec­tious creative atmos­phere where anything was possible. This site is a cele­bration of those people and that time.

While the creative community is not limited to the visual arts this site sits as a reminder of images and items not lost — just momen­tarily misplaced.

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