Jack Allen

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Jack Allen was raised in Southern Cali­fornia and attended the world renowned Art Center College of Design. His first job was for Young & Rubicam Adver­tising in New York City, followed by Foote, Cone & Belding in San Fran­cisco and others before returning to Young & Rubicam also in San Fran­cisco. Jack then spent 12 years as an adver­tising photog­ra­pher in that beau­tiful city.

From there, he moved to Oregon as a Creative Director for Gerber Adver­tising and retired in 1990 to paint. Concen­trating on acrylic as his medium, Jack painted with acrylics for 10 years before exploring water­color. The excite­ment of water­color as a spon­ta­neous medium appealed to Jack and after attending a work­shop by the nation­ally recog­nized Frank Webb, he decided to inten­sify his efforts in water­color.

Following the admon­ish­ment of Webb to paint “acres of paper,” Jack has started on his third acre. Taking inspi­ra­tion from harbors and light­houses in Oregon, he has indeed painted up a water­color storm. Jack lives in Tigard, Oregon with his wife Marge and when he’s not painting, he loves to play golf on the course behind his home.

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