GoodYear Tires 1964

How it happened.


I can’t find the last email from a fine fellow Geezer who was looking for film or art or graphics from that golden age that we call the 1960s or “Our time, Baby!” Thanks to the great Geezer Web Site ( I have recently been e-mail talking to Lowell Herrero and Janet which reminded me/us of one of our great commercial coups that was a very minor Art splash. In the golden Y&R of 1964 there was an impossible assignment to come up with an idea to group all the different corporate bits of the giant GoodYear Corporation that were, at that time, not advertising. Writer Mike Slosberg and Art Director Jed Falby (me!) came up with a child’s a-b-c that (artist) Lowell Herrero made into a charmer that ran everywhere. It’s childish look making it really stand out in all those dull old financial pages.

Jed Falby