William “Bill” Kirsch

William W. Kirsch

Bill Kirsch is a Sausalito eclectic abstract painter an Archi­tect and one of the founders of the modern Sausalito Art Festival. He designed, coör­di­nated and orga­nized the festival in 1965 and 1966 with artists Al Garvey and Michael Bry.
Bill’s work is “visu­ally exciting and provoca­tive, he does marvelous things with colors and his paint­ings exhibit thought, control and personal atten­tion to detail”.. Subtly delin­eated nudes float through rich, and at times vaporous, colors while a recur­ring theme of figures diffused into space lend a sensu­ous­ness and mystery to his work”.

He was drawing and painting with pastels and water colors at young age and became passionate about painting with oils at the Univer­sity of Cincin­nati. While he was in the Marines stationed in Japan, Okinawa and the Philip­pines his draw­ings came alive. He trav­elled exten­sively and drew the people he saw, the ambiance of his surround­ings and people he met in the bars and geisha houses.

In addi­tion to painting and raising a family Bill has been working full time as an archi­tect since 1958. He designed over 400 struc­tures that include art galleries, custom and market homes, ranches, restau­rants, floating homes, bed & break­fasts and commer­cial build­ings. Many of his projects have won awards and been published in more than 30 books, maga­zines and news­pa­pers as well as featured in two films.

Bill recently semi retired from archi­tec­ture and now has more time to devote to his painting. He is currently living on a house­boat in Sausalito and in addi­tion to living on the water he recently completed a floating studio where he paints.
The change in lifestyle has given him the time to orga­nize his vast body of work and limited edition, museum quality, signed, giclee prints are now avail­able for purchase in addi­tion to his orig­inal work.

His body of work expresses his wide variety of inter­ests, mediums and styles. His paint­ings have been exhib­ited in galleries and private collec­tions throughout the United States.

Artist’s State­ment

I paint and draw in a variety of mediums including water­color and oils. My large oil paint­ings are abstrac­tions of the real world, containing symbolic and figu­ra­tive refer­ences. I work from my subcon­scious and often begin a painting by cleaning my palette then layering in new vibrant colors on the canvas. The surfaces are worked, textured, and layered until figures and worlds emerge.

My work is alle­gor­ical and reflects a taste of nonsense, chaos, madness and dreams. With a layer of alpha and an occa­sional theta wave thrown in, every painting has a frequency of its own — colorful vibra­tions are visible, usable, soft, natural and giving off prana.

I am inspired by the natural world around me, the human form, the light on water outside my studio and the work of other artists; Gorky, Nolde, Chagall, de Kooning, Matisse and Gauguin.

I have spent my life as an archi­tect and in my painting I combine real­istic and imag­i­nary elements. I find that I can marry my desire to give form with my love of drawing. Although I paint from the subcon­scious finding appealing images and compo­si­tion mostly by acci­dent is exciting. A break­through in my painting occurs when it switches from what I am looking for to what I have found.

Bill Kirsch, Sausalito, 2010

Back­ground and Training

B.S. Archi­tec­ture, Univer­sity of Cincin­nati, Ohio
Acad­emic training college art classes
in connec­tion with archi­tec­tural curriculum.

Exhi­bi­tions and Festi­vals

Museum of Modern Arts, Paris
Allied Arts Guild, New York
Knicker­bocker Artists, New York
Pacific Festival, San Fran­cisco, CA
Ed Lesser Gallery, San Fran­cisco, CA
Laas – George Gallery, San Fran­cisco, CA
Corwith Gallery, San Fran­cisco, CA
Ruther­more Galleries, San Fran­cisco, CA
Hardman & Kopp, San Fran­cisco, Ca
Parks Gallery, San Jose, CA
Harry Z Lawrence Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, CA
Hori­zons Gallery, Sausalito, CA
Mill Valley Art Festival, Mill Valley, CA
Walnut Creek Arts Pageant, Walnut Creek, CA
Marin County Art & Garden Show, Ross, CA
Studio Gallery, Chicago, Illi­nois
Brill Gallery, Cleve­land, Ohio

Awards, Honors, Commis­sions
Sausalito Art Festival, 1st Place Award, 3 years, 1960, 1961 & 1962
Sausalito Arts Commis­sion
Designed Sausalito Art Festival with Al Garvey and Michael Bry, 1965, 1966
Carson Perrie Scott Inter­na­tional Archi­tec­tural Compe­ti­tion, Chicago
Golden Gateway Inter­na­tional Archi­tec­tural Compe­ti­tion, San Fran­cisco
Sunset Maga­zine, Archi­tec­tural Western Home Award
Envi­ron­mental Enrich­ment Award, Santa Rosa, CA

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